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i3 Piusi - Italian Innovation Internship


Piusi is proud to host its first Italian Innovation Internship engineering competition in Massachusetts. Explore and show off your talent and knowledge while competing against your peers. See if you have what it takes to create the next product idea to add to Piusi’s line of fluid handling equipment. The competition is open to all college and graduate students pursuing an engineering degree in a college or university in Massachusetts. Only ten candidates will be selected to participate and present their innovative idea to Piusi’s top management and engineering team. The top three ideas will receive scholarships, and the first place candidate will be offered a lifetime opportunity to intern at the Piusi headquarters in Italy.

The Challenge


The world is full of innovation and opportunities, and Piusi is a major player that never stops looking for new and cutting-edge ideas. We challenge you to come up with a new product idea that will improve the line of Piusi products. We want you to create an original design that has never been seen in the industry before. All we ask is for the product you design to be related or closely linked to fluid handling, to enhance the overall efficiency of existing products, to potentially break into new industries or fulfill any other currently unmet needs for Piusi customers. Participants will have the opportunity to choose from three different objectives: Developing a new flowmeter; a new electronic management system; or any other original idea the participant has to bring a groundbreaking innovation to the fuel industry. What you design is completely up to you.
The choice is yours, so be creative!


  • College and graduate students studying in the Massachusetts area
  • GPA req. - ≥ 3.0/4.0
  • Must be currently pursuing engineering or related degree


  • Create an original product design in the fluid handling equipment industry and/or related to Piusi current products
  • Develop a Coriolis flowmeter, or identify and propose different technologies for measuring liquids.
  • Electronic systems: To manage the refueling of vehicle fleets, Piusi developed SSM 2.0. On the market there are other solutions such as Fuelcloud. What will be the evolution of these systems?


  • Scholarhips for the top 3 ideas:
    1. $3,000 + All-inclusive internship at the Piusi headquarters in Italy
    2. $2,000
    3. $1,000
  • Opportunity to present your idea to the Piusi top executives during the final event
  • See your design come to life while working with the best engineers in the industry
  • Gain industry knowledge from the company world-leader in fluid handling equipment


Jan 10 - Apr 10, 2017
Open enrollment / applications submission
Deadline Apr. 10, 2017 12am EST
May 15, 2017
Decision - Applicants will be chosen and notified
Jun 1, 2017 - Sep 1, 2017
Competition - 13 weeks development of innovative ideas and designs
Sep 2, 2017
Final Event - Presentation to the Piusi top Management and engineers



Deadline April 10, 2017



Since 1953, Piusi has been developing new technologies, products, and services, becoming the world leader in its industry and continually breaking into new markets. At Piusi, we engineer and manufacture unique and innovative solutions for several fluid handling needs. With over 60 years of design and manufacturing experience, our products are where dependability meets creativity. Piusi leads in a niche industry, encompassing a range of products and services used for managing fluids such as oil, diesel, petroleum, diesel exhaust fluid, grease and water. Moreover, Piusi has recently invested in a new software development division, which has designed leading-edge software and systems for remote fluid monitoring and fleet management. Piusi has also been visionary in the market, investing in the design of products for treating diesel exhaust fluid. This market is expanding exponentially worldwide, and Piusi is the undisputed leader in the field. Piusi serves a variety of customers in very diverse markets. Some of our typical customers include professional equipment wholesalers in several industries such as construction, agriculture, earth-moving machinery (OEMs), fuel tank distributors and oil jobbers. These are just some of the markets that Piusi serves, and the company is always looking to expand its horizons into new markets and industries.
For more information about Piusi, the company history and our products line, please visit:

www.piusi.com | www.piusiusa.com

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